Simona Iapichino orafo al tavolo di lavoro

“The hand of the free-flying artist is attracted by his own movement and by nothing else, and he describes the forms that emerge arbitrarily …”
(André Breton)

Simona Iapichino begins her artistic research painting, in the city of Florence she has developed her artistic expression. She loves to mix the techniques: acrylic paint, mortar on canvas. She paints using the particular technique of “automatic painting“, with surrealist and metaphysical traits up to the informal.

When she has moved to live in Padua has begin to study contemporary goldsmith art. She trained at the workshops of some goldsmiths, in Padua and took part in the collective exhibition “Percorsi Inversi” at the Oratorio di San Rocco in 2017, home of prestigious exhibitions. She has gone on with her studies of bench goldsmiths in Vicenza, at the Vicenza Institutes. She continued with “Jewelery in Resin” workshop with the teacher Yoko Shimizu at the International School of Contemporary Jewelery Alchimia in Florence. She continued her specialization in goldsmith techniques, in Venice under the guidance of the Goldsmith Master Andrea D’Agostino, with whom she has studied in particular the metal alloys.

The path of research and artistic training is continuous and is fundamental for the artist.

She prefers experimentation with alternative materials, the use of paper, mortar, resin in painting and jewels. The work of Simona Iapichino is strongly influenced by the Scuola Orafa Padovana, the artistic training is based on the deepening of the history of art and Japanese culture that has always fascinated the artist; in particular the aesthetic concept of the Wabi-Sabi and the spiritual aspect.

In every work she combines study, technique, artistic and spiritual research.